Quang Ngai rock sugar

Wednesday - 04/12/2019 02:18
Rock sugar production has existed for a long time but the most unique is that the traditional manual production is still retained here in Ba La - Van Tuong, Nghia Dung commune.

Sugar quality is assessed through deliciousness, cleanliness and clearness. In the past, Quang Ngai people often said "sweet as sand sugar, cool like rock sugar, white like cotton sugar cotton, delicious and lung-shaped sugar". Among the sugar types, rock sugar production is the most complex, elaborate and time-consuming.

Raw materials for making rock sugar are sugar and chicken eggs. In order to have clear and sparkling sugar crystals, workers have to use lime and chicken eggs, and sometimes peanut oil, preliminary cooked to filter impurities and create a characteristic aroma. Depending on the experience and know-how of the cook, the sugar produced is different, but the most important thing is to remove all the impurities, then make the solution concentrated. When the sugar solution meets the requirement, it is poured into jars with bamboo grids inside for sugar to crystalline, forming blocks, and it takes 7-9 days to become rock sugar.

To cook lung-shaped sugar, when the sugar solution is overcooked to a certain extent, the worker takes the pan out the fire and stirring in a circle. The sugar solution gradually cools down, crystallizes and expands, so it is crunchy and friable. Then the workers use a knife to cut a slab into pieces and put into packages. Perhaps because the piece of sugar is both spongy, brittle and looks like a lung, it’s call lung-shaped sugar.

The way to cook sugar tablets is similar to lung-shaped sugar, but the sugar solution must be poured into molds to make the square sugar cubes with 2cm sides, 1cm thick.

Quang Ngai rock sugar is sold in all provinces in the country and exported to some Southeast Asian countries. In addition to being used as a precious dish, rock sugar is also mixed with lemon, kumquat to cure cough and sore throat. Traditional rock sugar production in Quang Ngai is reviving when food safety, quality, and design are focused.
Photo 1: Knitting thread cage for sugar to crystallize
Photo 2: Cooking and checking sugar quality
Photo 3: Pouring sugar solution into molds for crystallization
Photo 4: Drying sugar lumps and packaging
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