Biodiversity in the Ly Son Marine Conservation Area

Sunday - 05/08/2018 12:06
The Ly Son Marine Conservation Area was officially established by Quang Ngai provincial government in 2016, being one of sixteen marine conservation zones in Vietnam endorsed by the Prime Minister. Blessed with extensive coral and seaweed ecological system which is home to creatures threatened to or at risk of extinction as lobsters, abalones and groupers, Ly Son Conservation Zone is considered one of the marine conservation zones with highest biodiversity in the country.

The water surface of the Ly Son Marine Conservation Zone is 7,113 ha, in which, 620 ha is strictly protected, 2,024 ha for conservation and 4,469 ha for development. This zone is considered highly biodiversified with reefs, sea grass and more than 700 marine flora and fauna species identified. Among those are 157 coral species, 202 fish species, 137 seaweed species, 96 crustaceans, 40 echinoderm species and 6 seagrass species. In addition, 25 species in the list of aquatic creatures at risk of extinction in need of conservation, rehabilitation and development, announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2008 are recorded here.

However, in recent years, the biodiversity in the Ly Son Marine Conservation has been degraded due to over exploitation by destructive gears such as explosives and trawling. Also, the inappropriate exploitation of seaweeds in terms of methodology and time is worsening the situation. Anchoring vessels on coral reefs, extracting coral sand for garlic production and the construction of facilities on the beach are resulting into ecological imbalance, adversely impacting the living habitats of aquatic animals.

To presere marine resources, prevent fishing in the protected areas and raise local people’s awareness on values of biodiversity, the Management Board of the Ly Son Marine Conservation Area have exercised different approaches to provide communication and education campaigns to local communities, including the observation of marine conservation laws; mobilize authorities to foster the safeguarding and monitoring to timely detect the wrongdoings; and upgrade the facitilities and equipment for the conservation work.

With high biodiversity values and adequate conservation measures, the Ly Son Marine Conservation Area will definitely contribute to the preservation of biodiversity in Ly Son wetlands, and promote the heritage values of the province’s geopark. The scenes and biodiversity once preserved would attract tourists, facilitating the sustainable development of tourism, which in turn improve living conditions of the local communities.

Author: Phung Dinh Toan - Director of Ly Son MCA

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