Key milestones in the period - Jul to Sept 2018

Wednesday - 03/10/2018 05:58
  • In the week of late June and early July 2018, the Management Board of the Ly Son Geopark (LGMB) took its parts in the first Ly Son Culture and Tourism Week by exhibiting geological specimen and activities of the geopark so far. This is in a bid to promote the geopark visibility to local communities and visitors, especially as the tourism season approaches the peak.
  • Vietnam Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (VIGMR) continued the survey and assessment of geological, geomorphological and geo-cultural values. Seven delegations were deployed to the aspiring geopark territory during June to August.
  • In July 20181, LGMB conducted polls for the geopark name in 109 communities and relevant agencies in the province. Four name options were opened for selection by the community. It is planned that the results will be available in August and the name mostly voted will be recommended as the official name of the aspiring geopark.
  • Also in July, LGMB worked with experienced designer to draft the geopark logo options and the description. Following comments from LGMB members, the draft is now being modified and a logo will be finalized shortly, reflecting typical features of the geopark.
  • Also in July, the first edition of geopark newsletter was issued. This is an official publication of the geopark to update its activities, promote heritage values and communicate relevant policies to local and international audience. The newsletter will be circulated to communities and visitor centers in the geopark territory, and relevant individuals and agencies in the province.
  • The LGMB is collaborating with VIGMR to prepare for a workshop to share the findings of heritage values of the geopark which is planned in early October 2018 and International Conference on geoheritage and Sa Huynh cultural heritage in Quang Ngai Province, tentatively planned in the middle of 2019.
  • The LGMB is also working with relevant agencies to develop communication products, a geopark website and other video clips and reportage to be broadcasted on mass media and communicated to local and international visitors.

Author: Ly Son Geopark Mgt Board

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