Truong Ba Temple festival

Monday - 02/12/2019 03:49
The Truong Ba Temple festival is held for 3 days from the 15th to the 17th of the forth lunar month of the year to show respect and gratitude for the Mother Goddess Yana and other gods worshiped by local people for hundreds of years. This is a unique folk festival with the integration and cross-cultural interactions of different ethnic groups. According to historical relics and record, in the 14th, 15th century, Cham people came to reside in Tra Xuan and Tra Bong towns and built Truong Ba temple to worship and express deep gratitude to Mother Goddess for helping Cham people to reclaim lands, cultivate and lead a prosperous life.

Truong Ba temple in Tra Bong is different from other temples worshipping the Mother Goddess Yana in and outside the province in the fact that besides worshipping the Yana angel, the local people also worship two historical figures: Admiral General Bui Ta Han and Vice Admiral Mai Dinh Dong. Activities in the festival include Moc Duc ritual (ceremonial cleansing of the statue of the Mother Goddess), outdoor offering ritual, buffalo offering ritual, gong festival, main offering ritual and many typical folk activities such as: human chess competition, bộ singing, lion dance, volleyball competition. These activities show a bold cultural interference between Cham, Hoa, Cor, Viet people...

The festival itself was recognized as National Intangible Monument in 2017 by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism.
Photo: Offering rituals in Truong Ba Temple festival

Author: Management Board of LSSH Geopark

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