Whale Worship Festival

Monday - 02/12/2019 04:34
The Whale Worship festival is organized by fishermen is LSSH Geopark twice a year, in the spring and the autumn which is referred to as "xuân thu nhị kỳ" (two festive seasons of a year).

The spring festival is in January or February and the autumn festival is in July or August as of lunar calendar. It is common that in the autumn time, fishermen organize bigger festival than the one in the spring time because this is an opportunity for them to thank the Whale God for protection after a floating season in the sea. Attendants are local villagers and visitors from neighboring areas. Procedures of a Whale Worship festival include starting rituals, Whale Worship ceremony, main ceremony and performances.

A dead whale is called “Ông lụy”, or “Ông đi tu”. When a drift whale floated into a village, the villagers need to organize an elaborate funeral for the whale. It is said to be great blessing and luck for the village that Lord Whale drifted into and thus the funeral is carried out in the most sacred and solemn manner. The first person to see Ông lụy is considered the eldest son and will mourn the dead whale for 3 years, as for his own parents. After the worship at the graveyard, villagers carry out a ceremony at the beach where the whale was found. The funeral for a drift whale follows similar steps as for a deceased person. 3 years after the funeral, the villagers will perform the Thượng ngọc cốt ritual to exhume and carry the bones to the whale temple.

Nowadays, annual Whale Worship festivals are held in different places in the province, namely, Cu Lao - My Tan, Dong Yen (Binh Son district), Thach Bi (Sa Huynh, Duc Pho districts), Chanh temple, Thu temple, Tan temple, etc. (Ly Son island), Co Luy Nam temple (Nghia Phu, Tu Nghia districts).
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