Folk songs of Cor people

Sunday - 15/12/2019 22:57
Folk songs of Cor people are diverse in terms of styles and meanings. Following are some popular ones:
- Xà ru: Xà ru are songs in narrative and storytelling style with bright, harmonious melodies and impromptu lyrics. Young people sing Xà ru to confess their love in cinnamon forest or near rivers and streams. In festivals, Xà ru is the most dynamic means of communications among members of the community. Xà ru is also sung to communicate with the Gods.
- A giới: A giới are sweet and pure alternating verses with existent melodies. Singers can produce impromptu lyrics that suit the atmosphere and occasion. A giới normally describes innermost feelings, hardships and misfortune.
- A lát: A lát are songs composed by cheerful melodies, depicting the feelings between people and animals. A lát is often sung during weddings, good harvest celebrations and especially during buffalo sacrifice. Sometimes, the Cor people use drums and gongs as accompaniment for A lát.
- Cà lu: Cà lu is often sung during ancestor and divine worship. The elderly people or the shaman often sing this melody during the ceremonies. When singing this song, the singer has to face up to the sky to entreat the divinities. Cà lu has relatively free rhythm therefore the Cor people do not play drums and gongs as accompaniment.
- Cà rùa: Cà rùa are the most common songs in funerals, thus the melodies are sad and low. They are narrative or crying songs expressing the gratitude to parents and spouses.
- Besides, the Cor people also have a rợp songs that are sung during buffalo sacrifice or when the village receives good news. However, these melodies in danger of being lost.

In general, the folk songs of the Cor people in Quang Ngai are relatively rich and diverse. Except for A lát with cheerful melodies, the rest are often in low tone and express people’s emotional states of mind.

Following are some picture featuring folk performance of Cor people.
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