List of key geosites in LSSH Geopark

Monday - 09/12/2019 22:14
Following is the list of 105 geosites in the territory of  LSSH Geopark that are in need of proper management and protection according to Decision No 6480 dated 27 November 2019 by the Provincial People’s Committee of Quang Ngai.
No Name Geosite type Location
I Ly Son district    
1 Thoi Loi volcano, Vách Hang Cau – Tuff ring cliff, Chua Hang pagoda, abrasive shelf in front of the Tuff ring cliff B: Geomorphology Dong hamlet, An Vinh commune
2 Fire volcano (Gieng Tien), Gieng Tien cliff, Dục pagoda B: Geomorphology Tay hamlet, An Vinh commune
3 Hon Soi scoria cone B: Geomorphology An Hai commune
4 Hon Tai scoria cone B: Geomorphology Tay hamlet, An Vinh commune
5 Hon Vung volcano B: Geomorphology Tay hamlet, An Vinh commune
6 Bai Hang volcanoes, basalt pahoehoe B: Geomorphology An Binh commune
7 To Vo – Stone arch, beach rocks B: Geomorphology Tay hamlet, An Vinh commune
8 Mu Cu Islet D: Rock Dong hamlet, An Hai commune
9 Fossil coral A: Paleozoic Dong hamlet, An Hai commune
10 Hon Dun spatter cone, Mui Ngong cliff, volcanoes in the North-East of Little island B: Geomorphology An Binh commune
11 Holocene sediment – Beach rocks B: Geomorphology An Binh commune
12 Yellowish sands - late Pleistocene E: Stratum An Binh commune
II Binh Son district    
13 Unconformity boundary between Pleistocene and Holocene sediment E: Stratum Van Tuong hamlet
14 Boundary between basalt and marine sediment E: Stratum Van Tuong hamlet
15 Gneiss stone and techtonic surface D: Rock Van Tuong hamlet
16 Mafic metavolcanics  D: Rock Binh Minh commune
17 Basalt stone – La Ngai rapid B: Geomorphology La Ngai group, An Hai hamlet, Binh Chau commune
18 Columnar basalt beach B: Geomorphology Thanh Thuy, Binh Hai commune
19 Ba Lang An ancient crater, An Hai basalt, Dam Toai tunnel B: Geomorphology Ba Lang An, Binh Chau commune
20 Ganh Ca rapid basalt columnar – Five Elements Temple (So Tu Tay Lan) D: Rock Chau Thuan hamlet, Binh Chau commune
21 An Cuong lagoon, basalt columns and Van An Cuong Shrine B: Geomorphology An Cuong hamlet, Binh Hai commune
22 Sa Can estuary, Ong Islet – Ba Islet; Dung Quat beach  B: Geomorphology Hai Ninh hamlet, Binh Dong commune
23 Granite (Binh Khuong) D: Rock Binh Khuong commune
24 Granite migmatite  D: Rock Phuoc An, Binh Khuong commune
25 Mafic components of Kham Duc-Nui Vu ophiolite assemblage D: Rock Binh Minh commune
26 Tay My rock D: Rock Binh My commune
27 Vuc Ba waterfall B: Geomorphology My Long hamlet, Binh Minh commune
28 Loc Thanh hot spring I: Techtonic Loc Thanh hamlet, Binh Minh commune
29 Fossil wood A: Paleozoic A talus in Da Nang-Quang Ngai Highway, Binh Long commune
30 Yang Island, Mom hill, Viet Thanh lagoon B: Geomorphology Group 1, Phuoc Thien hamlet, Binh Hai commune
31 Tri Binh lake B: Geomorphology Tri Binh hamlet, Binh Nguyen commune
32 Nam Binh lake B: Geomorphology Nam Binh hamlet, Binh Nguyen commune
33 Ham Rong lake B: Geomorphology Dong Bich hamlet, Binh Chanh commune
III Quang Ngai city    
34 Chau Sa citadel B: Geomorphology Phu Binh hamlet, Tinh Chau commune
35 Dragon head wriggling in water (Long Dau Hy Thuy) and the Sa Huynh cultural archaeological B: Geomorphology The North of Tra Khuc river
36 Giang mountain and temples (Ancient sea) B: Geomorphology Thanh Khiet hamlet, Nghia Ha commune
37 Thien An (Heaven Seal) mountain, Thien An pagoda and Huynh Thuc Khang’s tomb  B: Geomorphology Truong Quang Trong ward
38 Phu Tho mountain and Co Luy village B: Geomorphology Nghia Phu commune
IV Tra Bong district    
39 Sen Bay waterfall B: Geomorphology Trung hamlet, Tra Son commune
40 Granite (Tra Bong complex)  D: Rock Tra Lac hamlet, Tra Lam commune
41 Ha Doi 1 waterfall B: Geomorphology Tra Lam commune
42 Granodiorite  D: Rock Rock cut on the National Road 24C, Tra Hiep commine
43 Suoi Che waterfall D: Rock Cua hamlet, Tra Hiep commune
44 Gabrodiabas  D: Rock On the way to Ca Dam mountain – in the South of Que hamlet, Tra Bui commune
45 Ca Du waterfall B: Geomorphology Tra Thuy commune
46 Tra Cang waterfall - Granite - Orthogniess B: Geomorphology Tra Thuy commune
47 Tra Boi 1 waterfall B: Geomorphology Tra Giang commune
48 Tra Xuan rocks  D: Rock Tra Xuan hamlet, Tra Son commune
49 Con Lan waterfall B: Geomorphology Road 622, Tra Lam commune
50 Shear zone I: Techtonic Tra Hiep commune
51 Ba Ngong rapid D: Rock Tra Thuy commune 
52 Amphibolite  D: Rock Son Thanh hamlet, Tra Son commune
53 Gneiss  D: Rock Tra Thuy commune
54 Upstream waterfall of Ha Doi suspension bridge B: Geomorphology Tra Lam commune 
55 Super high-temperature granulite  D: Rock Tra Bui commune
56 Ha Doi river rapids B: Geomorphology Ha Doi stream, Tra Lam commune
57 Metamorphic rocks D: Rock Group 6, Tra Xuan town
58 Small-grained mica quarzt, Song mountain D: Rock Ta Lat hamlet, Tra Lam commune
59 Ha Doi waterfall  D: Rock Ha Doi bridge, Tra Lam commune
60 High-pressure amphibolite facies  D: Rock Sang bridge, Tra Lam commune
61 Amphibiolite Tra Hoa block D: Rock Road 622B, Tra Hoa hamlet, Tra Lam commune
62 Waterfall of Ka Tinh river – granodiorite  B: Geomorphology Tra Lac hamlet, Tra Lam commune
63 Mut waterfall – biotite quartz B: Geomorphology Tra Xanh hamlet, Tra Lam commune
V Tay Tra district    
64 Go Ro alkaline sub-intrusive rock D: Rock Go Ro, Tra Phong commune
65 Meta-granodiorite in the downstream waterfall at Suoi Danh 2 bridge D: Rock Rieng riverbed, Tra Dinh hamlet, Tra Lanh commune
66 Metamorphic block in Ha village D: Rock Ha hamlet, Tra Khe commune
67 Metamorphic block in Ta Lieng mountain  D: Rock Dong hamlet, Tra Khe commune
68 Lamprophyre vein rocks D: Rock Tra Lanh commune
69 Small-grained granite dykes D: Rock Tra Dinh bridge, Road 626, Tra Dinh hamlet, Tra Lanh commune
70 Ha waterfall- biotite gneiss metamorphic rock B: Geomorphology Ha hamlet, Tra Khe commune
71 Tay Tra Panorama B: Geomorphology Tra Luong hamlet, Tra Lanh commune
72 Tourmaline-rick granite  D: Rock Tra Lanh commune
73 Granite tourmaline rocks  D: Rock Suoi Tho bridge, Tra Nham commune
74 Go village waterfall-granodiorite hornblende rocks D: Rock Go hamlet, Tra Thanh commune
75 Dong village waterfall- granodiorite hornblende rocks D: Rock Dong hamlet, Tra Khe commune
76 Downstream waterfall at Suoi Danh 2 - meta-granodiorite B: Geomorphology Tra Linh hamlet, Tra Lanh commune
VI Duc Pho district    
77 Mui Rua – Granite Hai Van complex B: Geomorphology Thanh Duc 2 hamlet, Pho Thanh commune
78 Granites – Cham inscriptions D: Rock Long Thanh 1 hamlet, Pho Thanh commune
79 Cua Mountain – Granite rocks D: Rock Tau Cu bridge, Pho Vinh commune
80 Dang Mountain – Granite biotite rocks D: Rock Pho Minh commune 
81 Hang En – Swallow cave B: Geomorphology Vinh Tuy hamlet, Pho Chau commune
82 Co Rapids – Granite Hai Van complex B: Geomorphology Vinh Tuy hamlet, Pho Chau commune
83 South and North of Nhu Rapids B: Geomorphology Vinh Tuy hamlet, Pho Chau commune
84 Troc Rapids B: Geomorphology Vinh Tuy hamlet, Pho Chau commune
85 Ba Nu Rapids B: Geomorphology Chau Me hamlet, Pho Chau commune
86 Xuong Rong mountain B: Geomorphology Pho Phong, Pho Thuan commune
87 Stations of unregistered ships C41 and C17 B: Geomorphology An Tho hamlet, Pho An commune
88 Site of unregistered ship C43B- Quy Thien beach B: Geomorphology Quy Thien hamlet, Pho Khanh commune
89 Moon shadow in lotus lake (Lien Tri Duc Nguyet) B: Geomorphology My Thuan hamlet, Pho Thuan commune
90 Giang Ha and Giang Thuong mountain B: Geomorphology Group17, Nu Bang hamlet, Pho Ninh commune
91 Sau Dau mountain B: Geomorphology Hai Mon hamlet, Pho Minh commune
92 Granites and Go Co village B: Geomorphology Pho Thuan commune
93 An Khe lagoon B: Geomorphology Pho Khanh, Pho Thanh commune
94 Lagoon – Long Thanh salt farm B: Geomorphology Long Thanh village, Pho Khanh commune
VII Son Ha district    
95 Son Ha hot spring I: Techtonic Ha Bac hamlet, Son Ha commune
VIII Son Tinh district    
96 Cong Giang waterfall D: Rock Giang river, Tinh Giang commune
97 Vu Son deer field (Vu Son Loc Truong) B: Geomorphology In the boundary of 03 communes: Tinh Dong, Tinh Bac and Son Tinh
98 Phu Son lake B: Geomorphology Phu Son hamlet, Tinh Hiep commune
99 Da Chong mountain and Son Rai lake B: Geomorphology Tinh Binh hamlet, Khanh My commune
IX Mo Duc district    
100 Long Phung mountain, Hang pagoda,  Mo Duc beach B: Geomorphology Gia Hoa hamlet, Duc Thanh commune
101 Na forest B: Geomorphology Luong Nong Bac hamlet, Duc Thanh commune
X Tu Nghia district    
102 Ngang Islet B: Geomorphology Hamlet 2, Nghia Tho commune
103 Cam Nghe To – Ancient sea B: Geomorphology Nang Tay hamlet, Nghia Phuong commune
104 Gneiss granite at Lam spring D: Rock Lam stream, Nghia Son commune
105 La Ha Stone Battle field: Che mountain, Hum mountain, Cao Co mountain, Da Voi mountain D: Rock La Ha town
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