Cinnamon cultivation in Tra Bong

Friday - 06/12/2019 02:27
Cor people do not know when cinnamon trees appeared in Tra Bong. In their legends, cinnamon dates back thousands of years. Accordingly, cinnamon is a sacred tree sown by the heaven birds. Cor people found the scent of the cinnamon tree pleasant, so they sow its seeds throughout the mountains and villages. Later, people called Tra Bong a cinnamon land. If Kinh people see “1- acre field and two buffalo” as symbols of weath, Cor people consider cinnamon hills as a measure
of wealth.

Tra Bong cinnamon has a high amount of essential oils and very special taste which cannot be obtained anywhere. Many products from Tra Bong cinnamon are also favored by the market.

In September 2010, Tra Bong cinnamon products were officially recognized by the National Office of Intellectual Property - Ministry of Science and Technology as an exclusive brand. The brand is subject to overall protection, including: cinnamon - primary products used as a condiment; buying, selling, processing and growing cinnamon trees”.

The Cor people grow cinnamon trees with seeding methods. The cinnamon growing season hasa lot of rain, usually in the last months of the year. Cinnamon trees often reach bark-peeling age after 10 years or even 15-20 years. Harvesting cinnamon barks is quite strenuous because people have to climb up the trees and use a special knife to peel the barks. Cinnamon barks are dried in the shade, incubated and dried upside down in the light sunshine. Dried cinnamons are bundled. Forest cinnamon is preserved more carefully, usually in a large jar with a tight lid. It is the premium and the most expensive type because of its superior value. “Axillary” cinnamon is taken from the place of tree forks, branch forks. In the lack of favorable conditions to provide enough and stable rice and vegetables, limited field area and lack of extra jobs to create income, cinnamon trees have a very important role for the Cor people.
Photo 1: Cinnamon hill in Ca village
Photo 2: Some products made of cinnamon


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