Minh Khanh forging village

Wednesday - 04/12/2019 01:36
Located on the northern bank of Tra river, Son Tinh is a rural district with an agricultural culture. With diligent, hardworking and creative qualities, besides plowing and livestock breeding, people from all over the district have made handicraft products to serve daily life. Through many ups and downs of history, the traditional forging profession of Minh Khanh village, Tinh Minh commune has always been preserved and promoted, which creates the traditional cultural beauty of the homeland as well as contributes to the restructuring of agricultural economy, increases income for people, sketches up a picture of a diverse and rich rural economy during the renovation period.

Minh Khanh villagers do not know exactly when the forging profession started and who the ancestor of the profession is. They only know that forging activities started very soon, perhaps at the same time with the formation of the village community. Minh Khanh's forging products are always popular. With specific characteristics and tools, in the period before and after the August Revolution 1945, the village produced many swords, knives, and scimitars for the self-defense militia and guerrilla forces to serve the resistance. Many village artisans also participated in forging weapons for the Ba To guerrilla team, then joined in the military weapon sector of Quang Ngai province and Military Region V.

There are over 100 households in the village, 58 of which are forging. Despite increased living standard and more and more opportunity to access all kinds of machine-made tools, the traditional forging profession is still kept in the houses clustered in an area of about 1km in hamlet 6 of Minh Khanh village. The intimate beauty is imprinted through hardworking, skillful hands of simple blacksmiths.

Major products of forging in the village are agricultural tools such as hoes, shovels, crowbars, knives, bush-hooks…, provided to districts in the province and other provinces in the South. Raw materials are mainly iron scrap of America, Soviet Union, France in old construction works. Products of the village are of high quality, so there are many orders placed and income from forging profession is relatively stable.

Minh Khanh village has been recognized as a traditional forging village in 2014. The village takes the 8th day of January in the lunar calendar every year as the day of the death anniversary of their profession ancestors.
Photo 1: Shaping by hot beating
Photo 2: Brade grinding

Photo 3: Bush-whacker - one of the finished products
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