My Thien traditional pottery

Tuesday - 03/12/2019 02:46
In Quang Ngai, pottery has existed for a long time. Pottery products are associated with daily life of ancient people. In prehistoric times, people of Sa Huynh Culture produced pottery with many beautiful styles, abundant types, sharp lines and patterns, elaborate and diverse decoration motifs, reaching a high level in both techniques and shaping. Pottery produced in this period includes: pots, large bowls, high-necked vases, burial urns, miniature offerings, rollers... In the period of Champa culture, pottery had higher firing temperatures; some kinds were burnt into chinaware. Brown, turquoise and yellow glazing techniques were quite popular on items of daily life such as bowls, plates, pots and urns. Among pottery villages in Quang Ngai, the pottery village in My Thien has the most developed pottery craft. It has produced glazed pottery from the 19th century. Currently, the pottery village is on the edge of being lost. The number of households making pottery has reduced from about forty to only one household which is the artisan Dang Van Trinh's family.

My Thien pottery village was very popular during its golden age. Pottery products were transported to all parts of the country such as Quang Nam, Da Nang, Binh Dinh and even the Central Highlands. A few were also exported to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos... The craftsmen were more proud and honored when their products were chosen to serve Lord Nguyen, and were praised and conferred titles. But then, due to the lack of competitiveness in the market mechanism, My Thien pottery village gradually lost. Only the family of Mr. Dang Van Trinh is still devoted to the craft.

My Thien pottery is produced using turntable technique. Artisans must use his hand to rotate the wooden table continuously to swipe and shape clay. Clay material used to make pottery must be of good quality and carefully filtered to remove impurities. The main items created from this pottery village are chum, ché, ghè, vò (types of jar with different sizes and shapes), lime pots, teapots... Artisans using their skillful hands and creativity have "created the soul" of their
products with dragon, phoenix, flower, fruit figures...

In order to maintain and develop the pottery craft, it requires support from local governments in financing the expansion of production scale and training of the younger generation to maintain this traditional craft.
Photo 1: Swiping to shape products
Photo 2: Decorating motifs on the vase
Photo 3: Finished products
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