Geotours initially shaped in the Ly Son – Sa Huynh Aspiring UGGp

Saturday - 02/03/2019 05:29
During 21 to 28 February, the Ly Son – Sa Huynh Geopark Management Board with support from international and national experts conducted a massive survey trip to establish geotours for the geopark.

With tentative four geotours, the team paid visits to 110 sites, which include ample heritages of geology, culture, history, biodiversity, intangible, traditional handicraft. These four routes have their own typical features and are supplementary.

Route 1 from the Quang Ngai City to the North, crossing the God Seal, My Khe beach and diverse basaltic shapes along the coast as Old Fisherman, French-time lighthouse, shipwreck cemetery, Columnar basalt beach, Le Thuy sea bench. In addition to various volcanic products, the route introduces sites of historic and cultural identities as My Lai vestige, underground tunnel, Van Tuong victory, temple of Goddess, temple of the Whale.

The second route heading South to the cradle of Sa Huynh Culture. Apart from archaeological sites of Sa Huynh Culture as Long Thanh or An Khe Lagoon, the route crosses Champa cultural tracks of tower, script on rock or temple of Lady Po Nagar. Another outstanding feature of this route includes traditional handicraft aged centuries as pottery, bronze casting, rice sugar or salt farm.

The third route to Ly Son island is comprised of volcanic and cultural values. The route on the main island passes a Champa well, Temple of the Whale, Temple of Goddess and volcanic sites of fossil coral, Hang Cau cliff, Thoi Loi crater, Stone Archway. The route on the Little island tells interesting stories of the island with no fresh water.

Route 4 heading up to the moutains encroaching five districts touring diverse geological sites as Thach Nham Irrigation Dam, Ca Du waterfall, Tra Cang waterfall, Ba Ngong Rapid, Oc Son waterfall, Suoi Che waterfall. Also, this routes takes tourists to interesting handicraft of pottery, forging and cinnamon products.

Out of 110 surveyed sites, the team initially selected 81 for further discussion on the naming and routing. In the coming time, the geopark and advisers will figure out an action plan to turn these sites into tourist destinations, inter alia, site profile, information panels, parking, access path, toilets. This is considered a major task of the year for the geopark to realize its mission being a model for local sustainable development.


Author: Dzung Nguyen

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