Key milestones in the period - Jan to Jun 2018

Sunday - 05/08/2018 11:09
Below are several key activities which have been undertaken in the period of January to June 2018. 

By March 2018, the Management Board of the Ly Son Geopark (LGMB) has been established under the Decision 374/QDUBND on 5 March by the Quang Ngai Provincial People’s Committee. LGMB has 20 part-time members from different functioning departments.

A handbook introducing key information on the application process and requirements is developed and shared with relevant individuals and agencies in the province.

In January 2018, a delegation of Vietnam Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (VIGMR) conducted its first investigation mission on geoheritage across the province. A set of specimen has been collected and sent to Japan for analysis.

Early February, a visit was paid by VIGMR and Chairman of UNESCO Global Geopark Council, Dr. Guy Martini, to various key sites in Quang Ngai. Following the visit, a meeting with the provincial government was held to discuss key issues on the potential, workload and timeframe for the application.

4doan chuyen gia hop voi ubnd tinh ptthien
Scientists in a meeting with provincial leaders

Late April, a field visit to key sites in the province by VIGMR and Dr. Paul Dingwall was to identify international significance of the heritages in the proposed territory. Accordingly, recommendations on the sustainable management of resources were made in respect to land use, tourism, waste management and conservation.

Early May, a delegation comprising of lead international and national geologists paid an investigation visit to Quang Ngai. A roundtable meeting was organized right after the investigation with provincial and district governments to discuss geological features in the province. Also in the meeting, initial statements were made on the heritage values that would be further studied.

With supporting from relevant provincial agencies, geoculture heritage was further studied by VIGMR in June to validate the coexistence of human beings and the natural heritage throughout the history.

In June, four members of the LGMB were sent to Greece to participate in the 10th international intensive course on geoparks and geoheritage management. This is to enhance the capacity of the LGMB members in hope that the dossier is properly developed and submitted to UNESCO by late 2019.
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