Vietnam Geoparks Network Review 2019

Friday - 17/01/2020 04:41
Hanoi – On 15 January 2020, Technical Committee on Vietnam Global Geoparks under Vietnam National Commission for UNESCO hosted a workshop to review its operation in 2019 and plan for 2020. The workshop drew participation of national lead geologists and representatives of Vietnam geoparks.

Reviewing the year of 2019, it was noticed that despite challenges on financing, management and coordination, the Technical Committee has actively provided support to and directly engaged in the establishment and operation of Vietnam geoparks as well as taken parts in international agenda under Global Geoparks Network and Asia-Pacific Geoparks Network.

For the working agenda in 2020, aparts from usual technical support to current geoparks, it is planned to request the government to set up a National Geoheritage Council which woud be an essential to Vietnam Geoparks Network. Also, it was agreed to develop and legalize a set of criteria and procedures to validate and recognize a national geopark, which should be a critical buffer step to help local geoparks to be better prepared for the application of global designation.

To enhance the effectiveness of the Committee, participants also touched upon a wide variety of issues, inter alia, public education, communication, in-depth research of various heritages, preseravation of heritage values, especially diversification of incomes of the geoparks to become, step by step, financially independent. The “geopark entrance fee” scheme which will be piloted in Dong Van UNESCO Global Geopark in 2020 will provide good experiences for potential replication in other geoparks.

Contributing to the workshop, representatives from Ly Son – Sa Huynh Geopark requested the Committee to continue supporting Quang Ngai Province in the preparation to receive the UNESCO validation mission to the geopark in mid-2020. Also, a request shall be made again to UNECO Vietnam Natcom to seek a consistent and appropriate management mechanism for all national geoparks. The third request made to the Committee was to widening the scope of research in geoparks to cover other heritages, in addition to geoheritage. 


Author: Dzung Nguyen

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