Specialties from rivers and seas

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Don (a kind of mussel)
Don is a dish that has been attached to Quang Ngai people for a long time. Perhaps in the process of living with the ancient Cham people, Viet people inherited this dish from indigenous people. Don is a kind of animal belonging to the mussel family, having canarium shape, thin shells, dark yellow color, up to 2cm long, living in brackish water areas of Tra Khuc and Ve rivers.

In An Khe lagoon, it is black, also known as déc. In the past, Van Tuong was a famous place selling don. Today don is sold in most parts of the province, but the most famous is don in Co Luy, Nghia Hoa, and Nghia Hiep. The dish is rustic, not fussy and is made following a simple recipe that does not overlap with any dish in our country. Raw rice paper and don meat are added to the bowl of sweetened broth, added with seasoning and served with crispy grilled rice paper
and chili.
Photo 1: A bowl of Don is always served with a girdle-cake

Goby braised with pepper
Tra Khuc and Ve rivers have many types of goby such as bống mú, bống thệ (Oxyurichthys tentacularis), bống dô, bống cát (Oxyurichthys tentacularis), bống cằn, bống nhọn, bống găm... in which the best are cá bống cát and cá bống cằn. These gobies have soft bone, fragrant meat, yellow and white skin, usually living in the section of Tra Khuc river from An Phu to Tinh Giang, especially at Truong Xuan iron bridge. Put the fish into a soil pot, add chili, onion and pepper, add enough water to cover the fish, then cook with small fire in more than an hour. The fish meat is firm, fragrant and salty, served with rice.
Photo 2: Braised Tra river goby

Quang Ngai is a coastal province. In the anchovy season, there are countless fishes near the shore, especially in January and February. Fishermen process anchovies into specialties with indescribable delicacy. Anchovy can be cooked in many ways: braised with pepper, chili to eat in daily meals or steamed. Because anchovies are so numerous, people have thought of ways to preserve anchovies such as drying. Dried anchovies soaked and fried are crispy, fragrant and tasty; anchovy sauce is a delicious dish in cold winters.
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