Garlic Culture

Friday - 16/10/2020 13:10
Previously, Ly Son residents’ lives primarily depended on agriculture but did not include rice, the main crop throughout Vietnam, as the island’s soil and weather is not suitable for a rice crop. Instead, their main crops are more varied and include corn, bean, sweet potato and peanuts. Then, in the 1970s, garlic cultivation boomed across the islands, which subsequently became a high income source for the islanders.

The boom came, according to local lore, when a villager brought garlic from the mainland to the island for cooking. She then planted a few leftover stems in the yard. After six months, she pulled them out, tasted one, and found it delicious, with a stronger flavor compared to the original garlic. She started growing garlic on the island and selling it back to the mainland market. Gradually, garlic became a popular commercial crop of the locals. After years of experience, local farmers have improved the technique to increase productivity.

The current technique of cultivating garlic comprises a few steps: placing a compacted layer of basaltic soil on the field, adding fertilizers composing of leaves and seaweed, and then putting a layer of coral sand on top. The garlic season usually starts in October and ends in March of the following year, but it may vary slightly depending on weather. 

Ly Son garlic is recognizable because of its pungent flavor, small-sized stems, and soft roots. Thanks to the unique basaltic soil mixed with coral sands, along with special island weather, Ly Son garlic has a unique flavor which brings fame to the islands, which is commonly known as the “Garlic Kingdom.”
nghe trong hanh toi ly son
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