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Friday - 16/10/2020 13:08
Being first introduced to the Ly Son Islands in the 1970s, garlic has now become the most popular crop grown on the islands, bringing great economic benefits to the locals. Thanks to the fertile basalt soil mixed with mineral-rich coral sand, along with a typical island climate, Ly Son garlic has a special aroma rarely found elsewhere in Vietnam, It’s gained the title ‘the best garlic’ of the country. It’s not only used as a spice because of its strong flavor but also as a medicine. It contains high-quality pharmacology such as allicin and amino acid. Garlic is also used to produce functional foods good for human health.

Volcano Company is a pioneer on the island adding value to fresh garlic. The company’s brand, OLVIS (OLVIS stands for Only Ly Son Volcanic Islands), comprises a variety of products such as black garlic, black garlic wine, vinegar-garlic-honey, black garlic jam, and black garlic oil. They carefully select garlic from the local farms to ensure the quality of the products, and then immediately process them under close supervision.

The company’s startup story began with a young Vietnamese generation daring to dream and then working hard to make it come true. Starting with a small investment, the company gradually grew. Customers’ feedback drives its founder relentlessly to improve the products’ quality and packaging, including using environment-friendly packaging materials. The company also prioritizes the promotion of the products via diverse channels. As a result, the products are gradually gaining a strong position in the market. 
co so che bien toi ly son
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