Lava Bridge

Friday - 16/10/2020 13:12
Along the concrete road a few hundred meters east of Young Volcano is a lava bridge. The lava bridge is an area of a few hundred square meters of basaltic rock submerged in the water. A temporary wooden bridge connects the road to the rocks. A nearby family built the bridge to enable visitors to see the rocks for a small entrance fee.

The basalt here differs from the rock found on the Young Volcano Cliff. It contains dark grey, spongy or dense lumps and flakes which shot into the air for a short time before falling and melting in the hot lava flowing on the ground. Some places witness twisted pahoehoe flows—a rope-like flow which was first described in the aboriginal language in the Hawaiiani Islands. Close observation shows overlapping lava flows, which suggests that the lava erupted and then condensed and slowly advanced.

Where did the lava come from? There are no traces of a crater found in the surrounding area of the lava bridge, neither on land nor under the water. One hypothesis suggests that this area was a product of a later eruption episode of the Young Volcano, located not far away. The earlier eruption episode of the Young Volcano produced layers of lava-slag forming its own slope. Observation shows that its eruption destroyed a part of the volcano, pouring pahoehoe lava out to the area of the lava bridge, thus supporting this hypothesis.

The Lava Bridge also tells an interesting story about volcano activities on Ly Son Islands, and particularly Little Island. The lava bridge was possibly formed 3,000-4,000 years ago at the same time of the Young Volcano and formed entirely on land. But now the sea level has risen and covered part of the rock.

The southern coast of the Lava Bridge is a section with a fairly thick rock protruding towards the sea. Hence on foggy days, ships passing by are likely to hit the rock and sink. 

Coming to the Lava Bridge in the early morning, watching the very first glimpse of light of a new day as the sun rises above the horizon, is truly a gift of nature that visitors must experience. 
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