Lava Field

Friday - 16/10/2020 13:13
Here, on the northeast shore of Little Island, there is a lava field comprising dark gray basalt rocks believed to be over 10,000 years old. Long yellowish-reddish sand dunes separate this lava field from Young Volcano. We find basalt rocks of various sizes on the path leading to the field, including volcanic bombs and especially rocks featuring twisted pahoehoe flow. Those lying above the sand dunes look new and intact.

It is hard to find a lava field with the same characteristics either on Ly Son Island, or in the territory of Ly Son-Sa Huynh Geopark. The most similar ones are found in Dak Nong Geopark, where volcanoes have experienced both explosive eruption (forming slag cones) and effusive eruption (breaking the mouth, producing lava flows and forming caves). Found specifically near Chu B’Luk Volcano and Nam Kar Volcano,  these fields are about 10,000 years old.

On Little Island’s lava field, the twisted pahoehoe shape shows that these rocks, flakes, lumps are products of volcanic eruptions on land, probably at the same time as the Young Volcano, which was about 3,000-4,000 years ago. The source of these basalt rocks is still unknown. However, they are not the products of Young Volcano eruption for two reasons: first, the lava flow was southward; and second, there is no sign of lava flows in the area between the Young Volcano and the Lava Field. Instead, this area is a high dune.

So, the question of where the lava comes from remains. Scientists hypothesize that there must have been small volcanoes in the surrounding area of the Lava Field, or perhaps the volcanos’ mouths were previously on land, but rising sea levels covered and submerged them. Local people claim there is a volcanic cave known as the Shelter Cave where people fled to avoid the army registration, thus supporting the scientist’s hypothesis.
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