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The sea in front of Gieng Tien Volcano and Stone Bridge is extremely shallow. Along the shore there are lots of interesting geological features such as a long beach rock, the cliff of Gieng Tien, and a small cone at the end of the Beach Rock (site 14) to the east of the volcano. This cone could be a secondary vent of Gieng Tien. Look closely, and you can also discover lava pebbles and gravel similar to the ones of the Young Volcano on Little Island and also lumps or flakes which had shot into the air, then fallen back down and become welded together. The mix was then abraded by waves.

Near the edge of the water, you can see the dark grey seabed formed by the accumulation of basaltic rocks, believed to be the products of Gieng Tien. It is noticeable that the cliff of Gieng Tien in this area is abraded, eroded and collapsed, suggesting that, in the past, its slope reached the sea. This also is evidence proving that Gieng Tien was active 3,000-4,000 years ago, formed on land, and then the sea began its sculpting process.

Interestingly, in the distant past, locals found a shipwreck in these shallow waters. According to legend, no one knew where it came from, whether a fishing, merchant or pirate boat. The pirate hypothesis may be supported by the story of the statue of Guan Yin found at Gieng Tien Volcano. However, one thing we know for sure is that the ship ran aground here because of the shallow water. Nowadays, as one may notice, boats travelling from the Big Island to the Little Island frequently make a big curve, rather than moving in a straight path, and thus avoid the shallow areas. 

In earlier days, islanders found porcelain items with beautiful painted designs. Even now on the beach, visitors can occasionally find pieces of glass and porcelain rounded by water—likely from the shipwreck—mixed in with the beach rocks. 

When the tide recedes, one may walk out to collect shellfish, shrimp, and rocks. But, who knows, perhaps the lucky one might find some porcelain artifacts.
khu vuc tau dam

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