Stone Bridge

Friday - 16/10/2020 13:05
Stone Bridge is located in To Vo village, West Hamlet, An Vinh. It is a product of basaltic volcanic eruptions, which can be eruptive or explosive depending on composition, stage, environment and other factors. Magma or lava (molten rock) tens of kilometers underground, containing little water or other gases (commonly known as volatile matter) can easily rise to the surface through pre-existing cracks, and the creation of new fissures. When it cools down, it forms basalt. 

Basalt can be porous or dense depending on the amount of volatile matter. If magma contains a lot of volatile matter, it often explodes and shoots gases, ash, debris, and volcanic bombs very high into the air before falling and accumulating on the ground. If the substance contains a lot of volatiles but only a little amount of magma, then the magma forms into mounds and cones. The magma shoots into the air for a short time before falling and cooling, thus creating a small funnel instead of a crater at the top. Products of that process can also be slag or volcanic gravels. Sometimes, depending on the amount of volatiles in the magma, the main product of the first explosion could be ash, while the second one generates slag, gravel and lava.

A special feature of the Ly Son Islands are that they contain a variety of volcanic types and products including: tuff rings (Thoi Loi, Gieng Tien), scoria cones (Hon Soi, Hon Vung) and a slag cone with a large amount of lava (Hon Tai).

Stone Bridge, on the northwestern side of the Big Island, with its exposed dark grey basalt, is a typical eruption product and shows that an eruption can even occur in water. It is over 40 meters long, 3.5 meters high, and ranges from 8 meters to 1.5 meters wide.

Stone Bridge is the remains of a lava terrace abraded by the sea over 4,000 years ago, when the sea was at a different height. Under the action of waves, the lower part of the terrace collapsed, resulting in a precarious arch. It creates an unique scene, especially at sunset. Other parts of the basalt tongue are also being eroded, creating another abrasive bench at the current sea level.
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