Volcano Beach

Friday - 16/10/2020 13:13
Volcano Beach is one of the must-see sites on Little Island. It offers a breathtaking view with crystal clear water, fine white sand nested in the rough, dark gray basalt cliffs, and colourful coracles lying on the sand, creating a picture of contrasting colours. Nature’s beauty captivates visitors as they stroll on the lava field and then pass along the cliffs leading to the sea.

A huge dark rough basalt cliff, 3 to 5 meters high, appears in different shapes and forms, such as partly porous, condensed, and columnar. According to locals, a cave named “Whimper” exists in the cliff but today the entrance is under water, so one would have to dive to explore it.

The geologic record shows fascinating insights into the history of Little Island. Beneath the dark fresh basalt layer that might have been formed only a few thousand years ago is a yellowish and reddish ancient basalt layer of perhaps millions of years old. One can also see small twisted pahoehoe flows, the products of the later eruption phase, in the gaps of the cliff. Exposed to air during a land eruption, they have a reddish brown color. Some parts of the basalt cliff have round shapes resembling a volcano’s mouth which might have activated not so long ago.

Apart from geological values, Volcano Beach is one of the few places on Little Island that tourists find small shops and restaurants. After a few hours wandering around, if you are not in a rush to get back to the Big Island, having a lunch of fresh seafood prepared by the professional local chiefs would definitely satisfy you. Why not take this opportunity to connect with local people and get to know about their life in this beautiful tiny island—an experience visitors should not miss!
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