Wood Volcano Cliff

Friday - 16/10/2020 13:05
Found next to Gieng Tien Volcano, Hon Soi Volcano—also known as Wood Volcano—has a horseshoe-shaped crater of 300 meters in diameter, encompassing an area of 1,500 square meters. It has an annular shape, waning on the northern side. Wood Volcano Cliff is on the southern side of the crater.

Hon Soi means pebbles in English.  The name “pebbles” reflects its structure, comprising light, spongy stones the size of pebbles or eggs closely arranged, but not sticking together. The cliff’s survival until today may be due to its dense vegetation cover, hence the cliff’s name “Wood.” Wood is also one of the Five Elements in Vietnamese tradition.

Hon Soi was formed in a very special way. The original lava was rich in gases, but not enough to explode, or if so, weakly. Therefore, the volcano slowly pushed the lava from its crater. Gases evaporated while the lava cooled down, resulting in light, spongy and loose pebbles. A few pieces of lava shot into the air for a short time, but it was enough for their surfaces to cool quickly and form a thin glassy rim of about one millimeter. These pieces fell back into the crater below, but the temperature was not high enough to re-melt all these pieces again. Only a few pieces melted, causing them to stick together. These volcanic rocks are light and spongy, but unlike pumice they are still heavier than water. Therefore, they will still sink.

At least another eruption phase occurred on the northern part of Hon Soi. The eruption caused lava to flow out as far as the coast, leaving lumps and lapilli (rock fragments) along its path, along with pebbles that had formed earlier. Because of the effect of the sea, these pebbles are much more rounded than others in Hon Soi.

Lapilli from Hon Soi are covered by ash and debris, indicating that Hon Soi was formed before the last few explosions of Gieng Tien Volcano. 
nui lua hon soi 1
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